A guide to the archaeological sites of the Isle of Man – a new Manx archaeology guidebook

Author: Rachel

Image from Culture Vannin website


Last month a brilliant new guide to the prehistoric sites of the island was published. It is written by the two archaeology curators from MNH – Andrew Johnson and Allison Fox. We are lucky enough to get to work with Andy and Allison regularly and take advantage of their great knowledge of the archaeology of the island.

The pocket-size book has details on all kinds of archaeological sites from the Bronze Age burials you read about in our blog to Iron Age hillforts, carved crosses, parish churches, and castles. The book is in full colour and there are details of how to get to each site with location maps and access information. The book also has an excellent overview of Manx archaeology from Dr Peter Davey an expert in the subject.

If you enjoy our blog and want to get out and experience the archaeology of the island yourself then we reckon this new book will be a good investment.

Details here: http://www.culturevannin.im/publication_476213.html




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