Meet Amber – our Outreach Officer

Author: Amber


Amber 1
Amber, busy excavating!


I am really looking forward to being part of the Round Mounds project. It will be wonderful to be back on the Island, but this time, rather than being a tourist, I will be getting involved with the island’s exciting archaeology. I am expecting this to be a really fun few weeks, it is also exciting to start a new project.

Currently, I am studying for a PhD in archaeology at Newcastle University under the supervision of Drs Chris Fowler and Andrea Dolfini. My research focusses on the use and significance of perforated stone tools from the Early Bronze Age, in particular ground and polished stone battle-axes and axe-hammers. Previously I studied for Masters in Archaeology at Bangor University. During my time there, I developed an interest in the archaeology of the Irish Sea Zone. My other interests  include material culture studies, experimental archaeology and micro-wear analysis of ground and polished stone from the Neolithic and Bronze Age.

I’ve previously been part of excavations from a range of periods, from Bronze age round houses, to a Viking settlement, and a Roman fort. Archaeology is pretty cool and interesting whatever period, location, or context. Although, of course, we all love to dig up something exciting. You never know, this time we might find a burial!

As outreach officer for the Round Mound Project, I will be running workshops at schools, engaging students with the archaeology of the Isle of Man in prehistory and teaching them about the site we are excavating. We will be washing finds and working out what pieces go together, there might even be a fun quiz too! I will also be taking people on tours around the site, explaining what we are doing, and why, and introducing them to our hard-working team hopefully uncovering some intriguing archaeology.

So far, I have been busy organising school visits and site tours, both of which have exceeded my expectations in the speed I have received bookings! I am definitely looking forward to spreading my enthusiasm for archaeology amongst an already excited audience. It is really important to engage everybody in the history and prehistory of where they live, I am sure the next few weeks are going to be very interesting and exciting for everyone.


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