img_0105Dr Rachel Crellin – director

Rachel is an archaeologist based at the University of Leicester where she researches material change in prehistory. She specialises in the theorisation of change in archaeology, the study of the Neolithic and Bronze Age and the analysis of copper-alloy objects.

Rachel was born and raised on the Isle of Man and her PhD research focused on the archaeology of the island from 3000-1500 cal BC.

cfatbargrennanDr Chris Fowler – director

Chris is an archaeologist based at Newcastle University. He is a specialist in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age, and is particularly interested in how prehistoric communities treated their dead and the development of burial grounds. He has previously excavated three prehistoric round cairns in southwest Scotland and northeast England, and carried out a regional analysis of Early Bronze Age burials across northeast England. His PhD focused on the Neolithic sites of the Isle of Man.

michelleDr Michelle Gamble – osteologist

Michelle is an osteologist. She works for HARP and has over ten years of experience in the heritage sector. She has worked in the UK, Canada, eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and Sudan. While her PhD focussed on the analysis of prehistoric human skeletal remains from Cyprus, she has subsequently examined skeletal material from sites from various time periods in Turkey, Qatar and the UK. Michelle’s research interests include health, disease and medicine in the past, mortuary archaeology and the impact of field schools in archaeological pedagogy.

kateKate Chapman – geophysics and survey

Kate works for Northern Archaeological Associates. She previously lived and worked on the Isle of Man carrying out archaeological research for the Centre for Manx Studies. Kate has extensive experience working on archaeological projects in the commercial and research sectors as well as running fieldschools. She specialises in building recording, survey and geophysics.

alexDr Alex Turner – ground penetrating radar, 3D scans

Alex works at the McCord Centre for Landscape at Newcastle University. He specialises in the development of an holistic methodology employing, amongst other techniques, GIS, laser scanning and geophysical prospection to enable greater understanding of structures ranging from the Scavi beneath the streets of Rome to the early medieval churches of Naxos in Greece.

Dr Francesco Carrer – GIS and LiDAR analysis

Francesco works at Newcastle University and is in charge of the development of the GIS for this project as well as the analysis of the LiDAR data. His research interests are in landscape archaeology and ethnoarchaeology, mountain archaeology and spatial analysis.


Amber Roy – Outreach Officer for Dig 2017
Amber is a PhD student at Newcastle University where she studies with Chris. Amber’s PhD is looking at stone tools from the Early Bronze Age including battle-axes and axe-hammers. She will be running our outreach program for the Cronk Guckley dig which involves organising school visits and site tours.

mareike 1Mareike Ahlers – site supervisor for Dig 2017

Mareike is a PhD student at Newcastle University where she studies with Chris. Mareike’s PhD focuses on Early Neolithic burial practices in the British Isles, Denmark, and Northern Germany. Mareike will be running the site grid and total station on site and helping to support  the students and volunteers.